Slow Runners Club | 51

51 – Adam is back from Detroit visiting Eddie and his wonderful family. We have a great time recapping the week and how much we love our growing community of slow runners. Turtle Strong! We also talk about the future of something wonderful on the horizon called Slow Runners Academy. If you’re interested in some great coaching – let us know!

Behold the Beer Cave!

One thought on “Slow Runners Club | 51

  1. Hi Adam and Eddie. Have just listened to your latest show during my (pre)dawn run. Great to have you back again. Sorry but I don’t facebook or tweet so this is the easiest way for me to send a message. You were asking for photos of where us listeners run. My blog is full of them.
    I try to run as much as possible at sunrise or sunset as you get the best light effects then. I also tend to take photos of a lot of the nicest dogs I meet during my runs. I haven’t yet met a turtle whilst running but I can assure you that if I ever do, you two will be the first ones to know. Thanks so much for the show.

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