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48 – ZenRunner takes a solo run this week as Eddie takes care of his family but don’t despair,  we have a great show for you. This week we discuss why were re-launching the club and why it’s so important to run slowly! Show notes below… [ click here for .mp3 ]

In studio with Adam & Eddie.

Re-launching the club in 2013 – Why?

Where’s Eddy? He’s just busy this week taking care of his family and business.
Email from my registrar… thanks for renewing your domain. So I guess it’s a year. Happy birthday do the SRC!

I’m sensing some frustration, lack of motivation and direction – especially as we enter the holidays… and there’s the Winter thing to deal with. At all leads to stress… What’s the perfect antidote? 

Yep you know it. TURTLES. Lots of them.

@ZenRunners goals for 2013:
– Relaunch the Slow Runners Club website to WordPress in early 2013.
– 500-600 miles is fine for me. Running 3x a week 3-5 miles. Balances with cross-training.
– Focus on running places rather than races this year – and share them with you.
– Meet ups and Mojo Locos

Why run slow?
Why not? 

While it’s not going to make you any faster, running slow does have it’s benefits:
– It’s gentle and easier on your body
– Reduces injury
– Promotes active recovery
– Builds your base
– Makes it easier to stay on your training schedule
– Enables you to pay attention (to your environment, company, fill in the blank)
– Don’t require tool, gadgets and gizmos
– It’s fun to do

What’s required?
I’d say 30 minutes – 3 times a week is the minimum.
No distance requirement.

Mark your calendars for El Cinco Loco – May 5th in Boston! More news soon.

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