91 – Embarrassing Moments We’re Brave Enough To Share

91 – We’ve all had them – and yep the story I share is a doozy. Thankfully it’s a short show, sparing all of us from too much embarrassment. Thanks to everyone for sharing their moments, this one was really fun to produce. Also a big thanks goes out to our show supporters including: Coach Judy, Laura (both of them), Robin, Kenneth, Bernadette, Ellen, Michawn, Mary, Shontile, Charles, Kristin & Deb for financially supporting the show. You can too at http://slowrunnersclub.com/donate. Also we now have some really cool car magnets featuring our logo that also look fantastic on your fridge at http://slowrunnersclub.com/magnet. Lastly a big thanks to our sponsor – JABRA.

If you’d like to be in the running for our give-away of a pair of Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless Earbuds with in-ear heart rate detection be sure and sign up for their mailing list at http://jabra.com/slowrunnersclub.


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